2014 Swim Team



General Swim Team Information

The Lenape Swim Team will not be in operation for the 2014 season.

This is the time of year when many parents are beginning to think about summer activities for their children. We encourage you to consider the Lenape Swim Team in your planning.

Children, ages 5-18, who are able to swim at least one length of the pool, are eligible to join — there are no try-outs. Practices will begin after school on June 9, 2014. After school ends for the year, morning practices will begin on June 23. The swim meet season ends in late July.

The focus of the Lenape Swim Team is to have fun and foster team spirit, with the goal of helping each child to achieve his/her personal best. Every child has the opportunity to swim in every meet and will receive a ribbon for every event in which they swim. Participation trophies are presented to all Team members at the end-of-season picnic.

The Lenape Swim Team is a member of the Princeton Area Swimming and Diving Association (PASDA). The Team participates in 6 meets per season, with one-half held at Lenape and one-half at nearby clubs. Meets are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in June and July from 6:00-8:30 with Team warm-ups beginning at 5:00. Children are also encouraged but not obligated to participate in one or more invitational meets.

There is a small fee for participation. For those with a Lenape Swim Club Family Membership, the Swim Team fee is $x for the first swimmer in a family with a decrease in cost for each additional swimmer. A Swim Team Only Membership is also available for $x per swimmer. All fees include a Team t-shirt and swim cap. Team swim suits are an additional cost.

Registration forms will be mailed to those families that indicated swim team interest on their Lenape applications.

If these materials do not address all of your questions, please email the Aquatics Director of Lenape Swim Club at lenapeswimclub@gmail.com.

The Lenape Swim Team enjoyed a very successful season in 2013 and we’re looking forward to another fun season. We hope your children will consider joining the Team!!!

Go Lenape!!!