2014 Swim Lessons



General Swim Lesson Information

Lenape Swim Lessons will not be in operation for the 2014 season.

PAYMENT – Lesson payment can be received in the form of cash or check to be paid at the start of all private lessons and at the start of lessons for all group sessions – the group lesson minimum of 4 will be strictly enforced. Checks should be made out to Lenape Swim Club.

FEES – Swim lesson pricing at 2013 prices:
Private (member): $15/ half hour
Private (non-member): $30/half hour
Semi-private (member and non-member): $30 first person and $25 the second person
Group: $30/hour

OBSERVATION – Parents are welcome to watch their child during lessons, but are discouraged from sitting on the pool deck. We have found that students are often distracted or discouraged by parents sitting on the edge of the pool or by parents who provided critiques during lesson time (whether of student behavior or skills). If your child feels more comfortable with a parent near by please feel free to sit on the grass near the lesson area. Often the instructor will encourage the child to invite the parent to observe the performance of a particular skill, at which time it is appropriate for the parent to return to the pool deck while the child performs the skill. This concern applies not only to parents, but also to other family members and friends.

WEATHER & MAKE UPS – Be aware of the weather on the day of your child’s lesson. The instructor will do her best to contact you in enough time if inclement weather results in the need to cancel your child’s lesson. Canceled lessons to weather, instructor unanticipated conflict or illness, or pool closure will all be rescheduled or refunded upon request. Lessons canceled less than an hour in advance or forgotten lessons on behalf of the parent will not be refunded, but can be made-up at additional cost.

FORMS – With your payment please return the “Student Information” sheet to the instructor – one for each child taking lessons.

ADULT STUDENTS – We are happy to teach adult learners at all levels (private individual lessons are encouraged for adult learners). Lesson curriculum and skill sets will be developed to suit the learner’s goals and current skill level.

Lesson Descriptions

Private – Private lessons are one-on-one with the instructor and curriculum will be created based on the student’s skill level. Lesson content will be custom designed to fit the needs of the student and can include specific concentrations (i.e. basic diving, stroke refinement, racing dives, flip turns, etc.). There are NO prerequisites and definite skill set.

Semi-private – Semi-private lessons are intended for groups of siblings or friends who prefer to be taught simultaneously by one instructor. It is preferred that students are similar in level but it is not required. Lesson content will be custom designed to fit the needs of the students and can include specific concentrations (i.e. basic diving, stroke refinement, racing dives, flip turns, etc.). There are NO prerequisites and definite skill set. There is a 4-student maximum.

Group Leveled Lessons – Leveled lessons are based on Red Cross pre-set levels. Lessons are scheduled in 1 week sessions with 4 lessons per session. Lessons will be Monday-Thursday with Friday as a built-in rain day. Lessons will be 45 minutes long. Scheduled group lessons that do not meet the 4 student minimum will be canceled, however, parents are then encouraged to sign their child up for a later group session or arrange for semi-private or private lessons. Young students must be out of diapers.

If there is any concern about which level is suitable for your child, the instructors will be happy to arrange a one-on-one meeting with you and your child to find the appropriate placement. The information provided here is merely a guide, not the rule.

LEVEL 1: Students will learn:

  • to enter & exit the pool
  • submerge mouth, nose, & eyes
  • exhale underwater
  • open eyes underwater & pick up submerged objects
  • float on front
  • float on back
  • combined stroke on front using any type of arm & leg action
  • combined stroke on back using any type of arm & leg action

LEVEL 2: Prerequisites: graduated level 1 or can show the skills required of a level 1 graduate. Students will learn:

  • Jump into the pool
  • Head bobs
  • Glide on front & back
  • Basic stroke skills (arm & leg actions)
  • Swim using alternating arm & leg actions unsupported
  • Submerge entire head
  • Exhale underwater
  • Pick up a submerged object

LEVEL 3: Prerequisites: graduated level 2 or can show the skills required of a level 2 graduate. Students will learn:

  • Basic diving
  • Treading water
  • Different styles of kicking
  • Elementary backstroke
  • Freestyle/Front crawl with rotary breathing

LEVEL 4: Prerequisites: graduated level 3 or can show the skills required of a level 3 graduate. Students will learn:

  • Treading water
  • All four strokes with proper technique
  • Diving
  • Legal racing turns

Clinics – These are one-day events focused on a particular technique. Depending upon demand, clinics can be arranged to cover diving (basic recreational or for competitive swimmers), stroke refinement, stroke-appropriate turns, etc. There is a minimum of 4 students per clinic. Look for announcements or contact the Aquatics Director to request a specific clinic. Each clinic will last 1 hour and may be offered multiple times over the course of the summer.

DIVING CLINIC – This clinic will focus on diving skills. Swimmers will practice diving from the wall, blocks, and diving board. Swimmers will also learn sitting, kneeling, standing, and racing dives. Swimmers should be comfortable in the deep end of the pool and should be comfortable at least jumping into the deep end unassisted.

FLIP-TURN CLINIC – This class will focus on flip turn and how to transition from one stroke into the next in an individual medley.

STROKE CLINIC – This class will focus on stroke refinement for moderate to advanced swimmers, especially members of the swim team. Students will refine their techniques in butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. Depending on interest, this will consist of either a 1-day clinic for all 4 strokes or four separate clinics focusing on each stroke individually.

Toddler Class: TBD

Stroke Refinement: TBD