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Simple days, simple pleasures. They’re closer than you might imagine.

Lenape Swim Club (off Rt. 518 in Skillman) is a place where summer is still what it used to be, what it ought to be.

Relax poolside in the sun or shade. Play pickup games of volleyball or basketball, or join in a cannonball contest.

You can bring a picnic, and if you need an afternoon treat, Joe the ice cream man will be by at 3:00.

Want a little technology with your simplicity? Use our free wi-fi.

Need a little structure to your day? Join the swim team or take swim lessons.

But most importantly: Relax. Enjoy. Have the kind of summer you remember.

We’re saving a table for you.



May 5, 2014 Membership Announcement

Dear Member,

At a May 3rd meeting of the Lenape Board, we reviewed the club’s finances, including monies collected this year (about $30,000), as well as routine payments already made for phone, electric, insurance, advertising and other operating expenses (almost $6,000, as of May 1).

With fewer than sixty memberships (including all Board members paying in full) committed for 2014, we discussed whether and how to share the expenses (by member, by dollar…) and pro-rate membership refunds to cover these bills already paid.

We also looked at the likelihood of moving forward with our goal of a capital renovation fund robust enough to make a real difference in the facility upgrades that several members cited as their reasons for not returning.  Candidly, the response to our first call for funding donations yielded a notable amount of good will, but only a small (about $1,000) financial commitment.  Meanwhile, the Board had committed over $7,500 as seed money for the capital fund.

Considering the direction of the past few months, with dropping membership and the less-than-enthusiastic financial commitment to moving forward, the Board voted to close Lenape Swim and Diving Club, and to apply the funds they committed for capital improvements to refunding all 2014 membership fees in full.

Refund checks will be written and mailed by Saturday, May 10th, 2014.  Membership checks that have not been cashed, including work weekend checks, will be returned.  

In the meantime, we will begin to shut down the club, informing the Township, cutting electric and phone service, etc.  We will attempt to sell off club assets and the return from that sale will be used to repay the donations from the members of the Lenape Board, whose contributions will fund this plan.  

This has been a very difficult time.  For those of you who have written to express your hope that the club will re-open in 2015, we are grateful for your support.

For those of you who are angry, or who feel misled, we are sorry for your distress.  Over the course of four membership meetings (two last summer and two more this winter/spring) we have tried to convey the seriousness of the club’s financial situation.  If we were in error by remaining optimistic until the last, it was only a reflection of our love for the club and our deep commitment to remaining open.

Your feedback is still welcome.  


Lenape Swim Club Board of Directors
lenapeswimclub@gmail com

PS:  To members who paid using PayPal; we will determine the best way to get your refunds to you.  These payments are still in our PayPal account, and have not all moved to our bank.  We will let you know your refund status by May 11, 2014.


Lenape Swim Club
P.O. Box 27
Rocky Hill, NJ 08553